eclipse, indices / indexes 与股价指数


Nov 1 (Reuters) - Wall Street’s main indexes notched record closing highs on Monday as Tesla shares surged and the energy sector gained while investors looked ahead to a major Federal Reserve meeting later in the week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (.DJI) eclipsed 36,000 points for the first time ever during intraday trading, ending just shy of that level.


eclipse? #

eclipse 作动词除了天文上「遮住⋯⋯的光」即「食」(日食、月食)的意思、比较文学性的「使⋯⋯黯淡无光/黯然失色」的意思之外,还可以如引用所指,在商务英语中,表示在数量上或级别上「超过、高过」的意思。


to become greater in amount or level than something else:

The increased consumer spending from new businesses has already helped shopping, dining, and real estate eclipse oil revenues.

Their stock is up 50% so far this year, as their profit growth is expected to eclipse that of larger companies.

(Definition of eclipse from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

indices 或 indexes? #

都可以,它们都是 index 的复数形式。indices 经常出现在在数学、统计学、金融学、科学等相关文章中,书面也经常用。北美用 indexes 更多,其他英语国家用 indices 更多。

股票价格指数 #

股票价格指数(Stock Price Index)也即股票指数。其制定,以方便投资者了解多只股票价格的波动,进而也能反应市场的态势。进一步也能体现政治、社会的发展形势。


按覆盖范围分: #

按计算方式分:(不全) #

比较有代表性的指数 #

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