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General Consultancy

Brainstorming and Feasibility Quicklook: Turn your nascent ideas into concrete, actionable plans. Whether you're grappling with where to start, or questioning the practicality of a concept, we will work out a strcutured approach to refine ideas, to assess the probability of success, and keep your originality best.

Business Strategy: Tailored for businesses aiming to expand, compete more effectively, boost profits, grow sustainably, and embrace digital transformation in accordance with data accessibility.

Investment Valuation: Enable you to make informed decisions backed by thorough analysis, whether your're a seasoned investor or new to the field. This is to provide affordable due diligence and modelling services for everyone.

Asia Coverage

Market Outlook: Provide country/region-specific, industry/sector-specific insights, highlighting emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges in Asia markets.

Macro Economy Briefing: Keep you informed about the macroeconomic environment of your selected regions, assessing the influence of global events and regional dynamics in a local context.

Industry Regulation: Give detailed examination of industry/sector-specific regulations and advise on compliance and risk considering business entrance/exit.

Product and Project Management

Commercialisation: Prepare your product with market readiness and design product-specific go-to-market strategies by overseeing transformable profits throughout user lifecycle with demands evolve.

Prototyping: Create UI/UX prototypes according to your requests.

Product Requirement Document (PRD): Deliver clear PRDs outlining product specifications, features, development requirements, roadmaps, and ensuring each stakeholder has a solid understanding of the product vision, objectives, and timelines.

Art and Design

Visual Identity: Develop cohesive, unique visual identities that reflect your story, ethics, and values, acrossing all visual elements from webpages to slides, from logos to colour schemes, aligning with your objectives to communicate with yourself and end users.

Printing: Create printing artwork including posters, banners, booklets, magazines and books, album covers, packages.

Abstract: Deliver diverse, dynamic, experimental art in all possible forms to suit your demand of visualising stories, displaying in spaces, or exploring creativity.