Prototype #1


Organise your day, better.

AI-powered Scheduling

Give suggestions based on previous events

"Your ZOOM meeting lasts 45 minutes on average."

Squeeze an event or modify easily

"I don't think you can make it on Monday morning because it takes at least 30 minutes to get there by bus. Tuesday afternoon would be fine. What do you think?"

Crafted schedule edit page

Clear and logical with all the things you need.

Today Panel

Morning and evening blocks, fully customised

You can add your morning routine shortcut here to help navigate.

Timeline for the day

That is the very calendar feature that you've been looking for.

News briefing

10 pieces of smartly recommended news based on your preference.

Live Your Life


You need a box to tick, and here it is.


Just a place to remind you to read books. No more short videos.


Guide your journaling with feelings, questions, and schedules reviewing. Remember what you value.

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let's make it happen.